Online PhD in Computer Science and IT

Online PhD in Computer Science2

Select online PhD programs in Computer Science and Information Technology degrees that meet your interest below.

Online PhD Specializations in Computer Science and IT

You can choose online doctorate degrees in computer science and Information Technology specializations in Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Construction, Computer Algebra, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Computer Networks and Security, Computer Science, Computer Vision, Database Design, Digital Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, and Digital Systems Security.

See more other concentrations in computer science, covering Electric Machinery, Emerging Media, Enterprise Information Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Image Processing, Information Assurance, Integrated Circuits, Internet Protocols, Lightwave Engineering, Microwave Systems, Neural Networks, Operating Systems, Parallel Computation, Photonics, Power Systems, Programming Languages and Compilers, Robotics, Software Engineering, Solid-State Electronics, System Modeling and Analysis, Telecommunications Engineering, and Ultrasonic Imaging and Image Processing.

Find more details about online doctorate degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology  from Aspen University, Colorado Technical University, Drexel University, and other accredited online universities and schools websites.

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